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You are a person who knows what they want. Yet in your pursuits, you’ve drifted away from who you are. And now, beyond seeing success, you want to experience fulfillment as your full self, and without isolation or indifference. 

Life transitions have created new trials for you — you’re looking for someone to trust with your worry thoughts, to listen empathetically before enacting a care plan, and to support you through moments of panic.


Whether you’ve been working with other care providers and are ready to add medication to your treatment plan but don’t know where to start, or you’ve been on (what feels like) every medication and haven’t yet felt truly heard — we know that making decisions about your mental health doesn’t come lightly.


Which is why the first thing we do is listen. 


Because we know that your mental health doesn’t make up the entirety of who you are. We know that each individual person will benefit from different treatment modalities. And we know you’re motivated to help yourself. 


Experiencing a steady state is more important than suffering in shame and silence. We specialize in medication management for mental health (and all the pieces that make up who you are) — and we’re actively fighting the stigma around medication — so you can keep living your story.

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Initial Psychiatric & Medication Evaluation
60-90 min | $300

During this initial appointment, we will discuss your current and past psychiatric symptoms. We will discuss diagnoses and medication options and then create a treatment plan together that best addresses your current concerns.

Psychiatric Follow Up
20-30 min | $150

We will discuss your progress and discuss any concerns that you may have. From here, we will modify your treatment plan to your liking and discuss lifestyle modifications and therapeutic interventions that you can start to incorporate into your life.

Genetic Testing

We utilize Genesite or Genomind for genetic testing to determine how your genes can affect the outcomes of your medication. Using the results from this testing, we are able to tailor your medication regimen and dosing specific to what your body needs. The price depends on your insurance company.

Esketamine Nasal Spray

Spravato is an FDA-approved treatment for depression when used in conjunction with an oral antidepressant. Spravato is a nasal spray with rapid results for treatment-resistant depression.  

Genoa Pharmacy

We have partnered with Genoa, a  mental health-specific pharmacy. Our CMC (consumer medication coordinator), Tenia, will be your liaison with the pharmacy and pharmacist. No more long wait at the pharmacy or on hold waiting to speak with someone. Genoa is able to hand-deliver or mail your medication, free of charge.


We have a psychotherapy option available for current clients. Click the button below to learn more about our therapist and the modalities she offers.



KAP uses a unique medication (dissociative anesthetic) that promotes arborization/neuroplasticity in combination with psychotherapy techniques and integration to create impactful results. 

Focus Areas


Mood Disorders (Depression & Bipolar Disorder)

Focus (ADHD)


Trauma (PTSD)

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse & Dependence

Behavioral Issues

Sleep Disturbances


Children & Adolescents

Health Care Professionals



Probation & Parole

Trauma Affected

Autism Spectrum

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