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Peak Interactive

Office-Based & Interactive Telepsychiatry Services


Whole story, whole human.

Your mental health doesn’t make up the entirety of who you are.

Feel like yourself again.

Medication management for mental health — and all the pieces that make up who you are.

Whether you’ve been navigating a life transition, recently experienced a traumatic event, or are simply exhausted from trying so hard — You want to feel like yourself again. Or maybe you don’t even know what it feels like to be yourself because you’ve been stuck for so long. 

We’re on your side.

Trust Breeds Transformation.

Direct Communication Builds Confidence.

Education on New Evidence-Based Practices.

Breaking Down Barriers to Care.

Individual Voice.

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You’re in the right place.

You’re as motivated to help yourself as we are committed to caring for you.

Sick of the status quo, you didn’t get the care you needed when you reached out for support. Limited supplement options and lack of testing alternatives made you feel like a number, when what you really want is an individualized plan.

We’ve been in similar situations, combatted mental health conditions ourselves, and worked in psychiatric nursing environments that didn’t value patients’ voices — and we didn’t like how we were treated. So we set a new standard for patient care by being one of the first practices to adopt a tele-health model for interactive, in-home services. 

Live Your Story.

We help you set a new baseline, navigate your mental health journey, and guide you to peak wellness.

We support you with short-term treatment plans because we know you don’t want to be on medication forever. 


We fight the stigma around mental health medication because being in a steady-state is more important than suffering in shame and silence. 


We don’t just prescribe prescriptions — we’re here to combine test results and cutting-edge treatment modalities with creating balance using the basics of self-care and removing barriers to getting support.


We are Peak Interactive Wellness, a private psychiatric practice specializing in medication management for mental health — and all the pieces that make up who you are — so you can keep living your story. 

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Hi, I’m Dr. Bailie Cronin.

We all want to feel like ourselves and live our whole story. 

I built a career in nursing, experiencing firsthand the harm that fragmented coordination of care can do to those who feel stuck.


I witnessed providers facilitating what should be retired practices, heard stories from patients who felt like they had no say in what was happening to them, and didn’t feel like their treatment was helping.


And then I started a private practice to break down barriers to care, to shift the paradigm around mental health, and to shake down the status quo when it comes to patient experiences.

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Insurances accepted:

  • Colorado Medicaid

  • United

  • Oxford & Oscar

  • Cigna

  • Aetna

  • Anthem BCBS

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