Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

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If you’re overwhelmed by unrelenting depression or anxiety and can’t seem to make a breakthrough in therapy, you may be a candidate for the ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions available at Peak Interactive Wellness. Using the dissociative effects of ketamine during talk therapy sessions, you can reach a deeper understanding of trauma and your emotional response to it. The medical team supervises each session and creates a safe, supportive space for you to finally break free from repressed memories and emotions that hold you back. Call the Denver, Colorado, office to schedule a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy consultation or book an appointment online today.

What is ketamine-assisted psychotherapy?

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) utilizes a range of talk therapy techniques in combination with the medication ketamine.

Ketamine is an anesthetic that offers pain-relieving benefits. The drug also has psychedelic properties that trigger a dissociative state. Using ketamine during psychotherapy sessions gives you a sense of safety while you navigate painful memories or intense emotions.

Peak Interactive Wellness provides medically supervised ketamine-assisted therapies to help you address underlying trauma like abuse, sexual assault, and grief. The experienced medical team creates a comfortable, safe environment where you can address deep emotions without enduring additional trauma.

What can I expect during a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy session?

Peak Interactive Wellness offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions in a relaxed, supportive space. During your initial visit, your provider completes an evaluation and guides you through setting an intention for your session.

They help you get comfortable in a quiet room and administer a precise dose of ketamine. The medication is available as an intramuscular injection, an oral solution, or a sublingual tablet that quickly dissolves under your tongue. Many people feel the dissociative effects of ketamine begin soon after.

Your provider continues to monitor your vital signs while they help you explore past or current traumas while you’re in a trance-like state. This relaxed state allows you to let your guard down, so you can deal with intense emotions without being attached to them.

After your session is complete, your provider discusses the issues that came up and recommends strategies you can use to manage emotional triggers and responses in a healthier way.

When should I consider ketamine-assisted psychotherapy?

You may benefit from the ketamine-assisted psychotherapy services at Peak Interactive Wellness if past or current trauma is holding you back from living a full, peaceful life.

The team may also recommend using ketamine during your therapy sessions if you’ve tried therapy but haven’t been able to make the breakthrough you need to move forward.

Ketamine-assisted therapy can help uncover repressed experiences and memories you consciously block to feel safe. Treatment can also help you address the most intense emotions without putting you through additional trauma.

Call Peak Interactive Wellness to learn more about the benefits of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, or book an appointment online today.