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Peak Interactive

Genoa Healthcare

A Behavioral Health Pharmacy 

We have partnered with Genoa, a pharamcy specifically for mental health. With this partnership, we have a pharmacy liaison to help bridge the gap between you and your pharmacy needs. 

Genoa doesn't just fill prescriptions. They use special packaging personalized for each consumer, make proactive outreach calls, deliver medications and take care of prior authorizations. With adherence rates of more than 90 percent, they help to improve the lives of their consumers, reduce emergency room visits by 18 percent and hospitalizations by 40 percent.

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Tenia Bengtson, CPhT

Tenia is our consumer medication coordinator (pharmacy liaison). She started studying pharmacy and healthcare in 2020 after going through health challenges. After studying for only a few months, she knew she wanted to be a healthcare worker. She became a Certified Pharmacy Technician and has been striving to learn more to help as many people as possible. Tenia feels that her position here at Peak Interactive Wellness is just the beginning of a long life of making healthcare easier and more accessible to everyone.


In her free time, Tenia enjoys nature walks, embroidery, painting, and going to museums.

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