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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy


SPRAVATO® (esketamine) nasal spray is a nonselective, noncompetitive antagonist of the N-methyl-Daspartate (NMDA) receptor. SPRAVATO® targets the NMDA receptor and is believed to work differently than currently available oral antidepressants, perhaps by facilitating neuron communication along new pathways (synaptogenesis). It may also help to reduce inflammation signals. The exact way that SPRAVATO® works is unknown.

While SPRAVATO® and ketamine are chemically related, SPRAVATO® is not the same as IV ketamine. Only SPRAVATO® has undergone extensive controlled clinical trials that informed the FDA approval of the medicine for use in adults with treatment-resistant depression.  

The first step to starting this treatment is a consultation to discuss the details with a provider at our certified SPRAVATO® treatment center to determine if SPRAVATO® is considered an appropriate treatment option for you. If SPRAVATO® is recommended, your healthcare provider will discuss important safety risks and enroll you in the SPRAVATO® REMS Program prior to treatment initiation.

The treatment protocol, expectations, side effects, and possible outcomes will be discussed during your consultation appointment.


Do NOT take SPRAVATO® if any of the following applies to you:


You have a blood vessel disease (aneurysm)

You have an abnormal connection between your blood vessels (arteriovenous malformation)

You have a history of bleeding in the brain

You are allergic to esketamine or a similar medicine called ketamine used for anesthesia or any of the other ingredients in SPRAVATO®


Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if:  

You have heart, brain or liver problems

You have ever had psychosis (see, feel, or hear things that are not there, or believe in things that are not true)

You are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should not take SPRAVATO® if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

You are taking prescription or over-the-counter medicines, including vitamins or herbal supplements. 

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During a SPRAVATO® treatment, you can expect the team at Peak Interactive Wellness to help you set a new baseline, navigate your mental health journey, and guide you to peak wellness. We will discuss your intentions for the session (the "set") and keep you comfortable during your journey (the "setting"). 


We will provide:

A comfortable recliner in a private pod

Cozy blanket

Eye mask



Comforting music




You should bring:


A ride to and from your treatment

An intention for your treatment


Something to write with

Headphones and Spotify


"I was able to look at my trauma from a non-judgemental perspective and let go of the shame and guilt."

"I shed the versions of me that no longer serve me and realized that my relationship isn't good for me."

"I was able to take in the beauty around me and truly appreciate it."

"I am processing things that I have been trying to work through for a really long time."

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